Downtown Toronto Condominium

Downtown Toronto Condominium



Sold Result

Two units were quickly sold after listed on the market, one in five days and another in seven days. They were both sold above the asking price. The two-bedroom unit sold price was $55,667 (12.44%)  more than the average of other two-bedroom unit sold price in the same building at that time. The one-bedroom unit sold price was $18,844  (4.94%) more than the average of other one-bedroom unit sold price in the same building at that time.



In this case, the client was referred to us by a previous client. Two individual condo units were to be staged in the same building. Through an initial consultation with the agent, floor plans and pictures were sent to us for both units.


Challenges and Problems

The building, in this case, was only two years new, therefore all the appliances and flooring were quite new as well. However due to the size of the units, smaller furniture needed to be carefully chosen for this project. Another challenge is that the agent wanted to put both units on the market as soon as possible. Therefore, we were under time constraint to finish both units on the same day.


Before Pictures






















After Staging


Although both units are quite small, it would be more appealing to the buyers if the units were still staged to contain proper living room/dining room and bedrooms just to showcase the potential usability of the units. Therefore, both units were staged with sofa and queen size beds although smaller end tables needed to be used. Just like other smaller homes, those units would most appeal to buyers at a younger age. Therefore, the style of the home staging chosen was more modern and vibrant in which we found through experience work best for smaller homes.


After Pictures