Oshawa House

Oshawa House



Sold Result

This house was successfully sold in 37 days after staging despite having already been on the market twice without selling before staging in 2018 downward trending market. The sold price was $23,900 (4.41 %) higher than the average sold price of other similar properties at that time.



This small house was located near the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).  It is a small house with 3 bedrooms. This home had been put on the market twice already before contacting us.  Upon on-site consultation, it was discovered that the problem with this home is with its size. It has a rather small living room combined with the kitchen. Also, the lighting fixtures were off center in this case. The house just didn’t look balanced. Symmetric structures are usually more appealing visually.


Challenges and Problems

This property had already been on the market twice and it wasn’t sold. The market condition in 2018 was in a downward trend from a year before. Vacant properties have always been more difficult to sell since it is difficult for buyers to visualize the flow of empty space. Staging gives a property home like feelings which is often associated with comfort and relaxation.


Before Pictures























After Staging

The realtor, in this case, has helped the owners to acquire and install a new lighting fixture for the kitchen space in order to make the home appear more symmetric. The staging was done for the living/dining room, family room, kitchen, master bedroom, and washrooms. Due to the narrow entrance hallway, we had to put the console table in the dining area. We kept the light and modern theme throughout and gave the master bedroom a polished look within the same color coordination.


After Picture